Battery Monitoring 



The Details

The key to improving the efficiency of your entire fleet is having performance data that is both accurate and can be interpreted easily. Key metrics recorded and displayed intuitively allows you to make informed decisions. You can directly affect the performance of your battery room and maximize the life of your assets.

The eGO!c is our proactive tool for fleet applications. It records all the critical parameters for every battery cycle, automatically uploading to the website. The eGO!c is compatible with our eGO! ALERTS service which will notify you by email when there are any areas of concern. This helps you to proactively amend procedures to avoid otherwise unnoticed damage that will reduce battery performance and life expectancy. is an online portal that allows you to easily interpret the data that the eGO!c records from every cycle. Once it has been uploaded, it can be used to:

  • Quickly review the data for your entire fleet.
  • Identify improvements to maintenance procedures across multiple sites.
  • Pro-actively monitor to track improvements.

Recording battery data and presenting it intuitively turns a standard battery fleet into a smart battery fleet.

The eGO!c builds upon the success of the eGO!3 with changes that improve its capabilities even further. The housing has had a complete overhaul and is now fully jet wash and waterproof with an IP 68 rating. This new, rugged design means you can carry on with the same battery cleaning procedures. The eGO!c still has the same in-built SmartBlinky technology and the super-bright LED’s still let you know exactly when a battery needs filling.

The eGO!c has been designed with ease of use in mind and works perfectly with the eGO!Tools app. You can now trigger manual data uploads directly from the app, access a tailored site list, and review key metrics. This synchronicity all gives battery room technicians complete flexibility, speeding up productivity, and efficiency.

Having battery data presented in an easily accessible and understandable way allows users to make clear, informed decisions when making changes in operations and shows clear accountability for any battery abuse. This gives everybody the transparency needed if something does go wrong with the battery as the problem can be quickly and easily diagnosed.



Pro-actively improve maintenance procedures


Increased run-time and reduced costs


Assign accountability for battery abuse, remote reporting


5th generation software: Tried, tested and proven for more than 10 years.


Rugged, durable and waterproof design


Cost-effective: Market-leading technology at the best price


Fully fused: To protect the device and battery